Sins of the Father

You just gotta love some people and their judgmentalism (and some might judge me right away without reading my complete thoughts).

Don’t know much about Ivanka aside from her one business book i read but this blatant self righteousness in mainstream society right now reminds me a lot of my distaste for church people back then (especially the fundamentalist catholics and evangelicals).

I’m very sure if she didn’t say something she will be criticized for not saying so. I think these are the same kind of people who also judged Trump’s youngest son for being a Trump.

In my observation, America’s critical thinkers are shrinking in numbers (again just my observation based on news reports and me scrolling on twitter).

You have to pick a side.

You’re either anti-Trumpers or pro-Trumpers and your viewpoints must be based on those.

Author Bret Easton Ellis is not a Trump supporter (he’s a Hilary) but when he spoke out about the recent cartonish hatred towards Trump he got obstracized (he preferred a civilized conversation rather than just pointing fingers at each other. He said his current boyfriend is a millennial and while both are activists and they agree politically, they disagree on the method of their activism).

Ben Shapiro is a conservative commentator who praise Trump when he’s done something worthwile and criticized him hard when there is something to criticize and he got obstracized to the point that actual white supremacist Richard Spencer (who coined the term altright) considered him a traitor and threatened him.

Critical thinking requires deep thought while hatred does not. Easier to hate than to stop and think. And this season of hate also invites bandwagoners who wanted to look cool and join the hate-mongering.


Kid Rock Tweet-Fired At Taylor Swift

Kid Rock‘s phrasing on his tweet about Taylor Swift is not really surprising. Though he matured in some aspect, it seems like his use of language got stuck in the Limp Bizkit era which i think defeated the purpose of his thought.

If he rephrased it in a wholesome manner and then we see some hateful response from those who don’t agree with him, then we can safely say some people are really entitled to their own sense of rightness and would go insult whoever those that don’t agree with them (ironically same people who might argue that truth is relative). But Kid Rock missed that opportunity. Because of how he said it, those who disagree with him now has every right to insult him in return.

Bottomline, be respectful and kind.

Never use language that insults mankind. He has every right to voice his opinion on Taylor Swift but atleast he should have done it in a language that commands respect so the sensible ones would either agree or disagree in harmony. In that case we can easily determine who were the idiots among the reponses.

My P1 On The Whole Yeng Thing

The whole Yeng Constantino thing is actually a wake up call to our government and a lesson on patience, observation, controlling one’s emotion, and the importance of an accountable friend.

What she did in shaming the doctor is wrong. All the medical staff in that hospital did their best to help her husband. The problem lies in the hospital itself for lacked of equipments and manpower.

I hope with that incident our government will focus on improving public hospitals especially those within tourist spot towns.

I understood Yeng’s sentiment since it is indeed stressful when it involves your love ones and she has the right to get mad about it but, Yeng being an adult, she should have assessed the situation better. Her vlog was not impulse posting. It was posted after it was confirmed her husband was safe. The time interval was an opportunity for reflection and assessment of the situation and a time to better observe the predicament they’re in. But because the incident affected her directly, her mind was clouded. She couldn’t think straight. All she could think about was her husband and her forgone conclusion about doctors and hospitals based on her experience with private ones.

I dunno who were with her at that time but that’s when an accountable friend should step in. A friend who is able to assess the situation objectively. A friend who would give her wise counsel. But such friend, unfortunately at that moment, was nowhere near her.

On the other hand, one Congressman Cong Bingo Matugas responded positively about her call on public hospital improvement in tourist towns.

That’s good.

But her vlog should have ended on her calling out the government. No need to shame doctors and medical staff because they’re doing their best with the resources available. You should thank them instead that despite the lack of resources they were able to manage the situation.

Trouble In Dreamland

Sometimes i feel like dreams are real events from an alternate universe or parallel universe.

Yesterday i dreamed of Chris Pratt as some version of sort of Indiana Jones and woke up to a Chris Pratt controversy. Today i dreamed I was a freeform radio DJ who got in trouble because when i played The Beatles’ Yellow Sub-marine, i mentioned its title and apparently in that universe the word yellow is derogatory and has been banned.

Everybody knows it but me, which in retrospect made sense because given my theory, my consciousness literally took over my alternate self’s body. Kinda like The 13th Floor scenario (it’s a movie you should check although the movie is more about virtual reality than alternate universe).

You can still play songs that mentioned it though. Just don’t say it yourself. The NTC (National Telecommunication Commission, Philippines’ version of FCC) was at my doorsteps and twitter were roasting me alive calling me all sort of names.

Weird indeed.

Or is it?

In today’s ubersensitive world, it will not be long that such a word will indeed be banned for some reason or another (in the 70’s westerners used to refer to us asians as yellow something or brown something).

Chris Pratt’s T-shirt Got Him Accused of Racism

Americans have completely forgotten their history. Chris Pratt (and by extension Metallica since they used that coiled snake too) is now in danger of being sacked on Guardians of the Galaxy for wearing a t-shirt with the Revolutionary War flag symbol over the American flag on it simply because the symbol has also been adopted by alt-righters according to Yahoo (the coiled snake symbol originally appeared on the Gadsden flag. It was created by Continental Army Brig. Gen. Christopher Gadsden during the revolutionary war).

If Starlord will be replaced no matter how i like the MCU i think it’s time to stop supporting such company that caters more to how they look in the eyes of leftist journalists than the stories they are creating. Chris Pratt is not a racist. But because of that shirt and the fact that he’s a Christian who goes to Hillsong L.A and married the terminator’s daughter, well the chances of him being sacked is high.

In related story, Confederate Railroad got sacked at a county fair not because people complained about it but because one journalist pointed it out. Totally ridiculous. This is why as a thinking person i slowly stop following the flow and actually think about stuff before believing them.

I’m a Vox and Vulture and Paste reader and back then i used to just believe whatever they were writing until recently when some articles just don’t jive with my common sense because these articles reminded me of super conservative christians’ self-righteous posturing and purist rockers’ “my generation is better than thou” self-righteousness which i totally detest.

But then again i’m not American so my perspective on common sense might be a bit more objective and therefore is different.

On the Use of Cellphones During Concert

Saw this post on Facebook earlier today.

Lea Salonga is a Filipino singer and the singing voice of Princess Jasmine on the Alladin animated movie back in the early 90’s.

I can understand her point especially when it becomes a mass activity but there are exceptions though. Remember that incident when Disturbed’s singer castigated a woman at the front row for texting while he’s singing? Turned out she was texting her son because there was a halestorm at their place and he was scared.

Also maybe those people texting were just dragged there or forced by their significant others and have no interest in her show.

I remember watching Gin Blossoms at Waterfront Hotel here in Cebu City back in 2010. At the middle of the concert I glanced at my phone and saw few texts and missed calls from my then girlfriend. I put the phone back in my pocket. Didn’t even read the text because I don’t wanna miss every single Gin Blossoms moment.

Contrast that to the Bruno Mars show i attended few years later at the same venue. I was near the front row standing and while his show was interesting (this was back when he was playing rhythm and lead guitar the whole time.), when my classmate texted me something about Marvel, I answered him and ended up having quite a back and forth texting about Ultimate Universe.

But i was standing so it wasn’t that obvious.

Looking back, what i did in the Bruno Mars show was quite insulting to the artist especially if they saw me (they were a 6-piece band).

But the reason why i can afford to miss a moment at Bruno’s show and not at Gin Blossoms is subjective; I’m simply is a big fan of Gin Blossoms that i cannot afford to lose a moment in their presence while i’m not that of a fan of Bruno (though he shred like Slash which i like).

What bothered me is those self professed Bruno fans who preferred to enjoy him via the filter of their cellphone cameras while standing inches away from the stage.

Fan Stereotyping

A friend of mine was surprised when she learned I read fiction novels. She knew me as the comics guy. Said it doesn’t fit my image.

Here’s me by the way;

She can’t grasp my image and the way I approach life with the fact that I also read Haruki Murakami and Neil Gaiman and David Levithan.

First of all, Gaiman is a comics guy.

Second, I read them because they’re entertaining. Not because I wanna be perceived as whimsical, quirky, and twee with those twinkling eyes lost in thought of… whatever they’re thinking.

I’m not that guy.

I don’t even write in perfect grammar.

We all read for different reasons and I respect those people but those ain’t me.

This also reminds me of someone who found it hard to believe that I listen to Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura (this was back in college before it became fashionable and norm to listen to indiepop. these days almost every igens and late millennials listen to the genre). He thought I’m a Bon Jovi or Blink-182 kind of guy. Well, I like them too.

So should our image really have to match with the kind of art we’re enjoying? I don’t believe in such stereotype.