On the Use of Cellphones During Concert

Saw this post on Facebook earlier today.

Lea Salonga is a Filipino singer and the singing voice of Princess Jasmine on the Alladin animated movie back in the early 90’s.

I can understand her point especially when it becomes a mass activity but there are exceptions though. Remember that incident when Disturbed’s singer castigated a woman at the front row for texting while he’s singing? Turned out she was texting her son because there was a halestorm at their place and he was scared.

Also maybe those people texting were just dragged there or forced by their significant others and have no interest in her show.

I remember watching Gin Blossoms at Waterfront Hotel here in Cebu City back in 2010. At the middle of the concert I glanced at my phone and saw few texts and missed calls from my then girlfriend. I put the phone back in my pocket. Didn’t even read the text because I don’t wanna miss every single Gin Blossoms moment.

Contrast that to the Bruno Mars show i attended few years later at the same venue. I was near the front row standing and while his show was interesting (this was back when he was playing rhythm and lead guitar the whole time.), when my classmate texted me something about Marvel, I answered him and ended up having quite a back and forth texting about Ultimate Universe.

But i was standing so it wasn’t that obvious.

Looking back, what i did in the Bruno Mars show was quite insulting to the artist especially if they saw me (they were a 6-piece band).

But the reason why i can afford to miss a moment at Bruno’s show and not at Gin Blossoms is subjective; I’m simply is a big fan of Gin Blossoms that i cannot afford to lose a moment in their presence while i’m not that of a fan of Bruno (though he shred like Slash which i like).

What bothered me is those self professed Bruno fans who preferred to enjoy him via the filter of their cellphone cameras while standing inches away from the stage.


Fan Stereotyping

A friend of mine was surprised when she learned I read fiction novels. She knew me as the comics guy. Said it doesn’t fit my image.

Here’s me by the way;

She can’t grasp my image and the way I approach life with the fact that I also read Haruki Murakami and Neil Gaiman and David Levithan.

First of all, Gaiman is a comics guy.

Second, I read them because they’re entertaining. Not because I wanna be perceived as whimsical, quirky, and twee with those twinkling eyes lost in thought of… whatever they’re thinking.

I’m not that guy.

I don’t even write in perfect grammar.

We all read for different reasons and I respect those people but those ain’t me.

This also reminds me of someone who found it hard to believe that I listen to Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura (this was back in college before it became fashionable and norm to listen to indiepop. these days almost every igens and late millennials listen to the genre). He thought I’m a Bon Jovi or Blink-182 kind of guy. Well, I like them too.

So should our image really have to match with the kind of art we’re enjoying? I don’t believe in such stereotype.

Racism in Country?

Rolling Stone recently published an article criticizing Billboard for removing Lil Nas X’s country flavored trap-rap single on the country chart.

Then a guy named Shane Morris started a Twitter thread accusing country music of racism, lamenting the lack of black artists on country music while completely ignoring Charley Pride’s contribution to the genre. He then compared Lil Nas X and Ray Charles’ Modern Sound of Country Music. Those two are not comparable. Ray Charles’ take on country is deeply rooted in blues and soul while recognizing elements of country music. Lil Nas X is rooted in trap hiphop. Not the same.

But i guess this is what happens when you dilute a genre so much it is unrecognizable already. As a music lover, I’m no fan of genre division. I listen to whatever i like and don’t put myself in a genre tribe. But business-wise, i understand the purpose of genre classification.

The reason for the Lil Nas X uproar was the fact that it clearly isn’t country. But so do most of the songs in the country charts. Hence, Shane Morris has a point when he said if Maren Morris’ Girl is in the country chart, then by logical consistency Lil Nas X should be in there too.

In my opinion pop-country should have a separate charts to make room for actual country music.  But first the term needs to be defined properly. Because of the word pop, a Pop-Country chart may contain a song that leans towards country roots but happened to be popular (like Taylor Swift’s Teardrops On My Guitar). A song on the Country chart may crossover the Pop-Country chart but a song on the Pop-Country chart should not crossover into the Country chart. If a Pop-Country chart exists, then we wouldn’t have no problem with Lil Nas X charting in there along with Maren Morris, Florida-Georgia Line ft Bebe Rexha,Thomas Rhett’s new single and a bunch of other simillar country-inspired pop and rock and hiphop songs.



So there was this American journalist who claimed people her age never experienced American prosperity. Whenever I see white people made statement like these I immediately cringe. It’s clear that that girl has never been to a 3rd world country and never experienced real poverty. Or i could be wrong.

So I checked her background. She came from privileged family. She’s a rich girl whose family got connections left and right (his father is the famous Jonathan Alter). She also worked at HBO and has a radio show and yet she considered herself as one of those who ‘never experienced millennial prosperity’.

Her statement singlehandedly insulted every third world country who suffered actual poverty.

But i’m not surprised. She’s the perfect example of American spoiled millennial brat. She just happened to be a journalist.

The only reason why people her age never experienced millennial prosperity if we are to believe her is because people her age are entitled and lazy. She lives in a country where prosperity is very much possible if you really work hard for it.

You want real poverty?

Come here in our neighborhood in the Philippines and experience actual poverty.


In my non-online life, I sometimes hang out with colleagues and friends whose views i often disagree with and am very vocal about it.

One time, another friend asked me why I hang out with people who don’t always agree with me. I told her that’s not intentional. I became friends with someone because we enjoy each other’s company due to shared commonality in one aspect (mostly music and literature including comics), but that doesn’t mean we agree on everything.

On things we disagreed upon, we often voiced each other’s opinion.

Sometimes we reached a unified conclusion. Sometimes we finished the conversation still disagreeing. But in the end we’re still friends.

And that’s ok. I learned and grow that way.

Imagine if all your friends are yes men?

That would be very boring.

Come Pick Me Up…

A self proclaimed tolerant and loving person on Facebook (forgot his name but was chillin on a snow on his profile pic) let me know he hated me for being a white supremacist Trumptard.

First of all, if you don’t have the brain to even check profiles before judging a person, you already lost my respect.

Second, my sin on why i was called a Trumptard white supremacist (and eventually got blocked or maybe my comments was erased because it’s no longer on Pitchfork) was because i refused to condemn Ryan Adams.

A supposedly hateful racist guy like me posted this comment (paraphrase but i’m trying hard to remember the exact phrasing since i can no longer find it):

Since lawyers are involved, i would rather wait for results than jump to conclusion. as a christian, one thing i do not like in my own community is my brothers’ tendency of self-righteousness, quick to judge, and ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude. I would rather pray for Ryan Adams that God would humble him enough to be repentant if ever those allegations are true (being a fan who followed his career i believe some of them are probably true especially when it comes to relationships) and pray for those ladies for healing and comfort. I admire them for coming out and judging from the situation, especially Mandy Moore, she didn’t intend to hurt Adams’ career but was only responding to an interview question. I believe Moore. But when Adams said that’s not how he viewed their relationship i believe him too. It’s very possible that Adams may be blinded by his own insecurities and ego to reflect on his own actions towards her. Bottomline, if proven guilty, may it be his pivotal moment to finally change his ways. If Jeff Tweedy can do it, so can he.”

Apparently that statement is sexist, racist, hateful, and offensive. (Ryan Adams by the way is a hardcore liberal Trump critic. He’s not altright but if you don’t condemn him, i guess by internet logic, you are.).

This is why sometimes i’m afraid to post comments on social media because of outright fascism on the net.